One glorious, golden morning…

[Blog entry by Mike Foley: Originally published May 24, 2009]

SunburstAfter a church meeting today, a friend who has been teaching early-morning Laie North Stake Seminary told me how he still got up early this past week, even though class is over for the school year, and went for a walk on Hukilau Beach — one of the great treasures of our community. He said it was very beautiful and peaceful as the sun came up . . . which reminded me of an experience I had several years ago on the same beach one glorious, golden morning: [Read more…]

Nearly 1,000 attend Iosepa launch

Almost 1,000 people attended a community-wide launching ceremony for BYU-Hawaii’s 57-foot traditional twin-hulled Hawaiian sailing canoe, Iosepa, held May 5, 2009, at Hukilau Beach in Laie.

I have been writing stories and taking photos of the Iosepa since the logs first arrived from Fiji in February 2001…and thought you might enjoy these most recent images of this amazing canoe and the community’s response to it.