‘Do you paint your head?’

Ya gotta’ love Samoan semantics: Not too long ago a Samoan friend asked me, ua vali ea lou ulu? which more literally translated means, “do you paint your head?” The Samoan word, vali, however, can also mean makeup or dye — as in hair dye — so in a kinda’ Samoan way she was really asking me if I dyed my hair.

I have to admit, her question made me think of those cheesy TV commercials where the guy spray-paints a balding head to make it look like a “fuller, thicker head of hair.”

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Upu ‘afakasi: Samoan “half-caste” words

A few posts back I blogified about Samoan pronunciation and names. Now I’d like to do a little follow-up on ‘upu ‘afakasi — Samoan half-caste words. [Read more…]