Rapa Nui leader pays official visit to BYU-Hawaii, PCC

[Story and photo by Mike Foley: Published originally in the BYU-Hawaii online “Newsroom,” April 11, 2005

Alberto HotusIn February 2004 when Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of The Quorum of the Twelve served in residence as President of the Chile Area, he became the first LDS Apostle to visit Easter Island — or Rapa Nui as its approximately 2,500 Polynesian inhabitants call their isolated homeland, which has had a small branch of members since 1981 and is currently part of the Chile Santiago North Mission.

While on Easter Island, Elder Holland invited Alberto Hotus [pictured at right], 75, president of the hereditary council of elders and a former mayor of Rapa Nui, to visit BYU-Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center.
Easter Island, considered one of the most remote spots in the world, is located about halfway between Chile and Tahiti and is world-famous for its large stone statues or moai. It has been a part of Chile since 1888.

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