Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

I like the new Parenthood TV series, but was a little surprised on November 23, 2010, when the entire family thought it so strange that the “patriarch” (played by the actor Craig T. Nelson) wanted everyone to participate in a prayer before their Thanksgiving feast.

At first he used his grandson’s laptop computer to look up a Thanksgiving prayer online, which reminded me how General Patton in the movie Patton asked a chaplain to write a prayer for him. This also reminded me how several times former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, a Mormon accustomed to giving public prayers, told the story how people had asked his secretary for copies of prayers he had given at various functions . . . and she had to tell them that his honor did not write out his prayers.

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Barbed wire jump

In a recent meeting  (actually a Latter-day Saints testimony meeting) a young lady in our church shared a story of faith that involved praying for her car . . . which reminded me of two incidents where we did something similar years ago in Samoa: [Read more…]