Kolea expert spends two weeks at BYU-Hawaii

[Story by Mike Foley: Originally published in the online BYU-Hawaii Newsroom, January 21, 2008]

Dr. Wally JohnsonOne of the foremost international experts on Pluvialis fulva — the Pacific Golden-Plover — has spent the past two weeks at BYU-Hawaii helping faculty and students, as well as state and federal researchers, net and band specimens of the unique long-distance migratory shorebird known as kolea in Hawaiian.

“We are trying to band a number of birds on campus…to give experience and insight to some of the students who have come out. They’ve enjoyed seeing the techniques of actually capturing some of these birds and learning more about them,” said Dr. Oscar “Wally” Johnson [pictured at left], a retired professor of biology and ecology at Montana State University in Bozeman who is still active in research.

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