Lua halau visits Nioi Heiau

[Story and photo by Mike Foley: Originally published in KALEO, March 26, 1998]

Nioi Heiau, LaiePa-Ku’i-a-Lua, a halau of Hawaiians studying the ancient martial art of lua, and family members visited the Nioi Heiau [pictured at right] and Hawai’i Reserves, Inc.’s new taro project in Laie on March 14 to gain additional exposure to Hawaiian culture.

Richard Paglinawan, a special assistant with The Queen Emma Foundation and one of the leaders of Pa-Ku’i-a-Lua, said the visit “was part of our orientation to ku’i sites. Many of them have not had this exposure,” he said. “In order to understand lua, they must also understand where they came from from a cultural perspective.

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