‘High adventure’: Molokini and Na Pali

Foleys on Kauai[Blog entry and photos* by Mike Foley: Originally published July 7, 2009]

Years ago when our kids were all home and finances were tight, we undertook a family project with the hopes of raising enough money to go to Disneyland: Almost every month we would label, prepare and deliver about 10,000 copies of the old Hawaii LDS News to the U.S. Post Office at the airport for bulk distribution.

I was also the editor at the time of this amazing tabloid that was started in 1967 by Alf Pratte and Ron Safsten as the Honolulu Stake Record-Bulletin (Reg Schwenke also served after me as one of the editors). The publication eventually spread throughout Hawaii, and until regional leaders decided to stop publishing it in 1991, Hawaii LDS News was the only Latter-day Saint Church-sponsored newspaper outside of the worldwide Church News.

Our family project took hours to complete each issue and it was a lot of work. To make the reward a little more immediate, each weekend after we got the newspaper out we would take some of the funds and all go out to dinner: The kids particularly liked going to the Pizza Hut restaurant in Haleiwa, which was the closest one in those days.

But as the summer we hoped to go to Disneyland drew near, we knew we didn’t have enough money for the mainland… so we planned a trip closer to home that took us to Maui and Kauai (some of us pictured above/right at the Waimea Lookout). Staying in hotels with swimming pools was definitely important to the kids, and of course we hit many of the regular visitor attractions on both islands; but our plans also included “high adventure” snorkeling off Molokini and along the Garden Island’s Na Pali coast. [Read more…]