Me and the movies

[Originally published July 17, 2009]

Movie fans in Laie are happy again, what with the newly renovated Laie Palms Cinemas opening today (July 17, 2009) with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on the bill. The initial screenings in the newly renovated twin theaters — which promise to use “real butter” on their popcorn — comes about a year-and-a-half after Wallace Theaters closed down their operations in the Laie Shopping Center.

The new owners, Don and Alicen Nielsen (they recently moved to Laie Point and she’s a BYUH student), say they will usually show the latest movies about a week-or-so after they first come out on Oahu; and will keep the prices competitive: The opening day rates were $7.50 ($5.50 for matinees before 5 p.m.), and $5.50 for seniors (60-and-up) — yes! (Most Consolidated Theaters on Oahu are now charging $9.50 for adults.) [Read more…]

5¢ ice cream and 10¢ movies

[By Mike Foley: Originally published on December 18, 2008]

In a recent post, I mentioned the fact that I used to buy gas for as little as 12¢ a gallon when I was a teenage driver in Salt Lake City…which reminded me that just a few years before then, in the 1950s, I could buy a single-scoop ice cream at the Harris Dairy on 21st South for 5¢ — or two scoops for 10¢, which was half the price of similar offerings at the famous Snelgrove’s Ice Cream store, which was four long block away. Of course, in those days milk men in distinctive, boxy milk trucks delivered glass quart bottles of milk and other dairy products right to your door. If I remember correctly, this went on into the early 60s. [Read more…]