Laie Hawaii Temple…undergoing renovations

The Laie Hawaii Temple on March 6, 2009,
stripped of its gleaming white paint while construction
workers totally overhaul the 90-year-old edifice.

[Story and photo by Mike Foley, originally published in Kaleo, April 2009]

While we’re happy that the Laie Hawaii Temple is undergoing renovations (for approximately the next 16 months) that will enhance and improve the facility, it still seems so strange to see the beautiful building stripped of its gleaming white paint. It’s also strange to not see it at night, because the lights have been turned off for now…which doesn’t mean “temple work” has stopped. For example:

Those of us who normally use the Laie Temple have been encouraged  to go to the Latter-day Saint Temple in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island as individual circumstances allow. I’ve heard a number of people and even wards (parishes or congregations) have already done so, which illustrates several points: [Read more…]