Hauula Elementary School centennial:

[Stories by Mike Foley, originally published in Kaleo on March 9, 2000, and March 23, 2000]

It was five or six years before the first automobile, and more than a decade before the first airplane came to Hawaii that Hauula Elementary School started up in its current location. One hundred years later, the school will celebrate its centennial anniversary with a special three-day series of events from April 7-9, 2000.

The 1955-56 faculty and staff at Hauula Elementary School
(historical photos courtesy of Bette Haring; other photos by Mike Foley)

A Brief History

Hauula School, as it was first named, was founded in 1900 at its present site as part of the Territory of Hawaii’s Department of Public Instruction, Ko’olauloa School District. Written records prior to the 1919-20 school year are not available.

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