86-year-old singer continues to market her talents

Aunty Genoa Keawe[Story and photo by Mike Foley, originally published online in the BYU-Hawaii Newsroom, November 2, 2004. Note: Aunty Genoa passed away February 25, 2008]

The “Hawaiian Lady of Song,” 86-year-old “Aunty” Genoa Keawe, continues to promote her successful recording business by performing regularly in Waikiki and in special appearances around the world.

Keawe’s son and business agent, Eric Keawe — a BYU-Hawaii alumnus, partially used television interview clips by TV personality Emme Tomimbang to tell his mother’s story in the November 2 Entrepreneurship Lecture Series.

That story started when Genoa Adolpho moved to Laie when she was six years old and eventually started singing in church choirs. “In Laie we used to have a lot of concerts, and I used to love to go,” Keawe reminisced, adding that sometimes her mother would even have to “pull her ear and drag her out.”

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