Laie Gardening Club gleans from the Nihipalis

Ben and Gerry Nihipali[Story and photo by Mike Foley, originally published in Kaleo, April 23, 1998]

The Laie Gardening Club gained insights into growing food at home for healthy eating when they toured Ben and Gerry Nihipali‘s home garden on April 18 [pictured at right].

The couple got totally committed to home gardening after Ben experienced angina in 1994 and was told he had two blocked arteries. They opted for treatment through therapy and more nutritious eating.

“It was a complete life-style change,” said Gerri, explaining that she and Ben switched to being vegetarians for a few months after, but have been vegans ever since. Vegans do not eat any animal products, including fish, fowl, eggs or cheese. Ideally, the couple hope to reach the point where they grow all the fruit and vegetables they need for their diet at their Moana Street home.

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