5¢ ice cream and 10¢ movies

[By Mike Foley: Originally published on December 18, 2008]

In a recent post, I mentioned the fact that I used to buy gas for as little as 12¢ a gallon when I was a teenage driver in Salt Lake City…which reminded me that just a few years before then, in the 1950s, I could buy a single-scoop ice cream at the Harris Dairy on 21st South for 5¢ — or two scoops for 10¢, which was half the price of similar offerings at the famous Snelgrove’s Ice Cream store, which was four long block away. Of course, in those days milk men in distinctive, boxy milk trucks delivered glass quart bottles of milk and other dairy products right to your door. If I remember correctly, this went on into the early 60s. [Read more…]