Chinese religious studies delegation visits BYU-Hawaii

[Story and photo by Mike Foley: Published originally in the BYU-Hawaii online “Newsroom,” October 8, 2004]

A delegation of 10 faculty and staff from the China Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of World Religions in Beijing spent October 7-8, 2004, at BYU-Hawaii where they toured the campus, experienced the Polynesian Cultural Center, and held a roundtable discussion with faculty members.

The group stopped over on their way home from BYU in Provo where they participated in an academic exchange and attended the J. Reuben Clark Law School’s 11th annual international symposium on law and religion.

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BYU-Hawaii Study Abroad group returns from China

[Story and photos by Mike Foley, who accompanied the group: Published originally in the BYU-Hawaii “Newsroom” in July 2006]

Eleven BYU-Hawaii students and alumni, accompanied by two International Cultural Studies professors and their respective families, recently returned to campus after spending four weeks studying intensive Mandarin in Shanghai and another week visiting historic sites in Beijing. One of the faculty members called the trip a “life-changing experience.”

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China Journal: The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven was one of the places in Beijing, China, I really liked . . . probably because in addition to lots of shady green places, there were people throughout the large park-like compound engaged in various cultural arts — some in which anyone could participate.

China Journal: Contrasts between old and new

Blog entry and photos by Mike Foley (containing excerpts from my previously published China journal, July 2009]:

When our BYU-Hawaii study group was there in July 2006, Shanghai — and I understand many of the other major urban areas of China — were (and presumably still are) undergoing a tremendous building boom. There were immense construction projects underway everywhere, some in time for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and others for the World Expo, which is scheduled to take place in Shanghai in 2010. All of this makes for some interesting contrasts. [Read more…]

China journal: Shanghai’d!

[Blog and photos by Mike Foley: Originally published July 17, 2009]

Shanghai, 2006, with the Yellow River and Bund in the foreground

In July 2006 a small group of BYU–Hawaii students, professors and family, and I participated in the China Study Abroad program that took us to Shanghai for four weeks of intensive Mandarin and other coursework at Fudan University, followed by a week of touring around Beijing.

Though I have already forgotten most of the Mandarin we learned, the rest of the experience was unforgettable for me. I published quite a few of my impressions in the BYUH Alumni Blog at the time, but those are now well buried . . . and I thought I would reprise  some of them here.

[More photo caption: The central commercial district pictured is just a small part of Shanghai’s skyline which, with a population of approximately 17 million when we were there, was said to be punctuated with over 2,000 high-rise buildings.] [Read more…]

5¢ ice cream and 10¢ movies

[By Mike Foley: Originally published on December 18, 2008]

In a recent post, I mentioned the fact that I used to buy gas for as little as 12¢ a gallon when I was a teenage driver in Salt Lake City…which reminded me that just a few years before then, in the 1950s, I could buy a single-scoop ice cream at the Harris Dairy on 21st South for 5¢ — or two scoops for 10¢, which was half the price of similar offerings at the famous Snelgrove’s Ice Cream store, which was four long block away. Of course, in those days milk men in distinctive, boxy milk trucks delivered glass quart bottles of milk and other dairy products right to your door. If I remember correctly, this went on into the early 60s. [Read more…]