Hawaii-based film cgi veteran encourages BYUH students

Cheryl LaMont[Story and photo by Mike Foley, originally published online in the BYU-Hawaii Newsroom, March 29, 2005]

Cheryl LaMont [pictured at right], President and CEO of Dot C Software — a Kailua, Hawaii business that does photorealistic 3D computer generated imagery (cgi) for Hollywood and other major clients around the world — urged students interested in computerized animation and other film effects in the March 29 School of Business Entrepreneurship Lecture to pursue their dreams.

“It’s always a privilege to speak to students who are interested in film-quality software,” said LaMont, who added her company has developed proprietary software that renders three-dimensional effects for well-known industry giants Dreamworks, Sony and others, and has done work on films such as The Matrix and Jurassic Park.

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