Understanding Arab-Israeli conflicts

[Story and photo by Mike Foley: Published originally in the BYU-Hawaii online “Newsroom,” January 4, 2004]

Former Jerusalem Center director draws parallels
between Arab-Israeli and Book of Mormon conflicts

David B. Galbraith [pictured at right], a BYU professor emeritus of Middle East studies and conflict management, and a former director of the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies, recently helped BYU-Hawaii students and community members gain insights into the present Arab-Israeli conflict by drawing parallels to the tense relations between Lamanites and Nephites in the Book of Mormon.

Galbraith, who most recently was president of the Sofia, Bulgaria mission, previously helped set up and served for 17 years as director of the BYU Jerusalem Center. Prior to directing the center, Galbraith earned his doctorate in conflict management from Hebrew University in Israel.

Galbraith, who was vacationing with his wife in Hawaii when he agreed to speak at the January 4 fireside in the BYU-Hawaii Stake Center,  explained the contemporary conflict in Israel originated when Jewish people from throughout the world began returning there in significant numbers, starting soon after Orson Hyde dedicated Palestine for the gathering in 1841 under the direction of Joseph Smith.

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