Mike Foley

Mike Foley

ALOHA & Welcome to Mike Foley’s blog. I have been a writer/photographer for more than 40 years, and more recently I’ve also gotten into websites, digital video and other electronic media. During all those decades, I’ve contributed stories, photos and digital media to a wide range of hard-copy, online publications and web sites — most of them originating out of my home town of Laie, Oahu.

Now that I’m nearly retired, I wanted to share some of my past efforts with those who might still be interested. I have basically sorted these samples into three categories:

  • KALEO: Koolauloa News (and its predecessors): Unfortunately, I inadvertently lost this URL and it was hijacked; PLEASE DON’T GO THERE anymore (if you still remember the address)! But I have and will continue to re-post some of the more than two million words I wrote over the 20-plus years I covered the news in Laie, Kahuku and Hauula on this site.
  • LDS publications, including many stories for the BYU–Hawaii Newsroom, CCH/BYUH Alumni eNewsletter and BYUH Magazine, the Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii Reserves, Inc. and other Latter-day Saint-oriented media.
  • My blog also includes articles and photos from my travels and observations that didn’t fit into the categories above.

After recently serving a six-month senior mission with my wife for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tacoma, Washington, I then spent more than a year helping the Polynesian Cultural Center with content on its 50th anniversary website at http://www.pcc50.com. Please note that I have also posted a number of my old photos in various galleries associated with my FaceBook page. These are open to the public, but I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to adding new friends, so enjoy them accordingly.

Like many other WordPress bloggers, this site has been deluged with thousands of spam subscribers, so I’ve temporarily cut back on my “subscribe” feature until I can figure out some way to accommodate my friends and serious subscribers. This may also temporarily affect the capability of sharing your own comments on my posts. Finally, you may contact me at:

Mike Foley

P.O. Box 101 • Laie, Hawaii 96762