Korea: Nam Dae Mun market

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Most of my regulars know I’m a writer and photographer, but you may not realize I have also been very interested in digital video for the past nine years  . . . so from time to time I would also like to share some of my video work on this blog, starting with the selection above (or watch the HD version by clicking on the link below):

In May 2007 while returning home from the BYU-Hawaii Concert Choir tour of China and Mongolia, we passed through Seoul, South Korea, and having heard many stories of how the Nam Dae Mun market there was quite the shopper’s paradise, I wanted to check it out.

Nam Dae Mun is a very large market place lined with hundreds of shops, and many more vendors set up in the various lanes criss-crossing the place. In addition to all kinds of merchandise, there are also lots of food shops of various kinds. In short, it was a fascinating place.

Nam Dae Mun market in HD

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