Francisco, Kemoeatu head for Super Bowl

Congratulations to Arizona Cardinals safety, BYU and Kahuku High player Aaron Francisco who’s heading to the Super Bowl — as is Chris Kemoeatu for the Steelers. Hopefully, Koolauloa family, friends and fans will be reading and seeing more of them . . . but in the meantime, Aaron shared some of his early SB impressions with Honolulu Advertiser readers.

I can sorta’ say I knew him when: Years ago, in my wedding photography phase, I took the reception photos for Aaron’s parents, James and Lisa Francisco:

James, a Honolulu Police Department officer for many years, has consistently been Aaron’s staunch supporter, and through the years I’ve been publishing Kaleo — the local Koolauloa community newspaper — he would occasionally email me with updates on Aaron’s successes.

Lisa runs her own little lei and novelties shop in Laie. She used to work at Wendy Lau’s floral shop in Laie Shopping Center with my daughter, Daisy Kim — who now lives in Hilo with husband Kahale, four active boys and beautiful curly-haired little Esther-Grace. In fact, she made Daisy’s wedding bouquet.

Several of Chris’ siblings have been in my wife’s second grade class at Kahuku Elementary, which is very typical of local connections around here.

Congratulations again, Franciscos and Kemoeatus.

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