Towed-in skateboarders

Most of you have probably seen those incredible pictures, usually taken from a helicopter, of a personal watercraft towing a surfer into some monster wave in Hawaii, California, or wherever. Well, in the past week I saw two similar, but much smaller-scale incidents — although none the less scary — right here in Laie: Skateboarders getting monster-towed by motor scooters.

My wife, Sally, and I saw the first one last week while driving from Hukilau Beach toward Hauula on Kamehameha Highway. The motor scooter with skateboarder in short tow (no more than two-to-three feet behind at the most) came out of Lanihuli Street right in front of us (without stopping for the sign, of course), so we had a wonderful view of the whole thing:

It was really quite amazing to see these two teenage boys take off down the highway, going faster than the speed limit. The boy on the board was dressed only in surf shorts — no shoes or shirt. We couldn’t help wondering what would happen to him if he had to jump off, or worse yet, fell. He was very good, however, and the last we saw of them was as they took a fast-and-reckless left turn [i.e. extra centrifugal force: more Gs] up Anemoku Street to Laie Point. I hope he never has to learn why old-time motorcyclers started the custom of wearing heavy leathers to protect their skin in case they fell.

We observed the second incident Sunday afternoon when we were cruising around Laie on our Christmas bikes and came across two other teenage boys doing the same motor scooter-skateboard thing. At least this time the skateboarder had on more clothes, which would give him slightly more protection; but that didn’t negate the fact they were blasting through  stop signs.

In fact, the last time we saw them was at the intersection of Naniloa Loop and Kulanui, in front of BYU-Hawaii: As they screamed past, the boy driving the scooter was kind enough to warn us, “We’re not stopping.”

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